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I’ve been working in digital marketing since 2004 and in SEO professionally since 2006. During my career, I’ve amassed a number of media mentions, testimonials & SEO awards that I invite you to review below.

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A Second Mention Regarding Monster's SEO Gains in the Sistrix Blog

In February 2018, the Sistrix.com blog published a post that used the Monster’s SEO team’s work between 2013-2017 as a case study to show the benefits of consolidating website properties onto a root domain as a point in the never ending debate over when to use subdomains vs subdirectories.

Graphic from the Sistrix blog. Read more there.

Winner: The Drum Search Awards 2017, SEO - The Best Professional Services Campaign

The Drum Search Awards celebrate the individuals and companies at the forefront of the search Industry. The DRUM awards are open globally.


Another Example of Monster’s SEO Gains in the GetCredo Blog

Getcredo.com published a blog article on February 27, 2019 that drew upon the hard work of 2013 through 2017 of Monster’s SEO team that demonstrated the advantages of strategically combining properties on the root domain. This has been a point of interest among SEO experts locked in the ongoing debate of of subdomains versus subdirectories.

Winner: Best SEO Campaigns, European 2017 Search Awards

In an award ceremony held on April 27, 2017 in Krakow, Poland in was announced that Monster Europe was the first place winner of the European Search Award for the Best SEO Campaign of 2017


Monster Migration Case Study on Sistrix.com

About two months ago, Monster changed quite a bit of their internal website structure for both their USA and UK sites.

Although the website architecture for both domains is very similar – both before and after the change – the positive effect is much more visible in the UK. Monster.co.uk increased its Visibility by 116%.

In the chart we can nicely see how they break their long-time sideways trend for Monster.co.uk at the end of April. This is a great example which shows us how a domain can do much better on Google by adjusting a number of screws.

Sistrix.com - Blog Excerpt from Case Study: Monster’s Monster Growth on Google

Monster.com Ranked As One of The Top 100 Winners In Organic Search For 2016

Every year, Searchmetrics publishes it’s list of organic search “winners”.  This list is based on Searchmetric’s SEO visibility score which is an “elementary indicator for measuring a webpage’s performance in organic search.”  According to this report, Monster.com gained 23% additional search visibility and ranked 74th out of 100 websites that observed growth in 2016. You can read the full post on the Searchmetrics blog

Shout Out From Colleague In Interview With Contently.com

My colleague and Monster Content Chief, Margaret Magnerelli, gave me a kind shout out in her interview with Contently.com back in November 2016. I appreciate it because it underlines the importance for leaders across teams to form mutually beneficially partnerships.

Here’s the exchange where I’m mentioned by job title:

Question: There’s definitely a feeling of everyone’s figuring this out together. Content is often this little experimental silo that has a tiny sliver of budget, without well-defined goals. How did you go about trying to solve the silo problem?

Response: It goes back to what I said about asking people, “How does what I do affect what you do? How can I do my job in a way that helps you?” That benefited me so much. For example, Monster has a really great SEO director, and he’s on a completely separate team than I am. I work under marketing communications. He’s under product marketing. But after [I reached out], he said, “I have a big contract with an agency, and I’m willing to share them with you so we can create content that drives more search traffic, more organic traffic.” That’s terrific, because that benefits both of us.

Margaret Magnarelli - Monster Content Director

SEO Called Out In Monster Worldwide Earnings Call, Q1 2016

Across our top-tier markets which include the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, and the U.K., our organic search traffic continues to grow and was up 5% year-over-year. This was driven by ongoing improvements in organic search traffic development and overall audience acquisition effort.

We have expanded our editorial content to attract and engage more users and invested in a major technical effort to restructure the core site architecture, simplifying the site structure and supporting our organic search efforts.

Monster Worldwide (MWW) Q1 2016 Results – Earning Call

SEO Called Out In Monster Worldwide Earnings Call, Q4 2015

In North America our organic traffic continues to grow and was up 9% year-over-year. This was driven by improvement in SEO from the increased number of jobs from the All the Jobs strategy, as well as our ongoing marketing efforts and renewed focus on developing unique original and useful content. Our consumer content, such as advice and employment related news, has also helped increase job searches, apply starts, and new members….

…The other comment I will make is if you think about overall traffic to Monster, we have said that the strategy will allow us to offset a lot of the paid marketing that over the years we have had to use to acquire traffic. Obviously, the shift from paid to unpaid is very helpful. That continues to increase in terms of the overall traffic to the site, much more unpaid traffic today. And that channel, the organic search channel, obviously doesn’t just drive searches, but it will drive quality job views and quality apply start, so it’s a very important metric that we believe is one of the key KPI’s for recognizing what the expansion of the job content is delivering.

Monster Worldwide (MWW) Q4 2015 Results – Earnings Call

SEO Called Out In Monster Worldwide Earnings Call, Q1 2015

Our traffic and seeker engagement metrics were strong, specifically as it relates to our ongoing efforts to increase overall organic user traffic. This is a result of our deep focus on search engine optimization, the expansion of our jobs content and our mobile-first approach. Altogether, these actions have driven a 50% year-over-year increase in organic search traffic domestically.

Monster Worldwide (MWW) Q1 2015 Results – Earnings Call

Monster.com Organic Traffic Discussed on Seeking Alpha

In an article entitled Monster: An Out Of Favor And Undervalued Stock With Tremendous Upside found at SeekingAlpha.com, Monster’s SEO was called out as a driver of value and success. Seeking Alpha is the largest crowd sourced platform that exclusively focuses on investment research, with broad coverage of stocks, asset classes, ETFs and investment strategy.

Here is a summary of the key points about the article:

The portion of the article most relevant to my work is below. Using Searchmetrics, the author describes Monster’s improving organic search performance in light of the recent Panda update. and how it is expected to contribute to Monster’s re-emergence. Check it out!

Everett Whitehead Quoted In Search Engine Watch


I was recently quoted by Andy Betts of BrightEdge in an article on Search Engine Watch entitled The 5 Top Tips From Brands on Dealing With Secure Search which features reactions from 10 major brand concerning the future of SEO now that Google has stopped providing keyword referral data.

With the change, most SEOs will shift to page-level analysis and reporting. As a result, many marketers will double down on on-site content investment by publishing new pages and lengthening existing pages in order to increase the traffic value of site pages. Although page-level analysis will become more prominent, we shouldn’t stop doing keyword-level analytics altogether. Marketers will still have access to referring keywords data from other search engines such as Bing and ballpark click data from Google Webmaster Tools (at least for now). Additionally, a site’s historical referring keyword data can be mined for keyword research purposes. SEOs can also utilize keyword referral data from their Google Adwords account to help inform optimization decisions. Perhaps this is the opportunity to finally break down the silo between SEO managers and paid search managers and to usher in a more holistic approach to managing the SERPs. Everett Whitehead, SEO Manager – Monster.com

The 5 Top Tips From Brands on Dealing With Secure Search

2012 Annual Performance Review, Monster Worldwide

He has done an excellent job at assessing our current strengths… and introducing powerful new tools as well as some of the SEO staples and the insightful intelligence they provide. His recommendations are thoughtful, measurable and will put us into a position of strength for SEO gains in the near and longer term.

Monster.com- Annual Performance Review, 2012

2012 Annual Performance Review, Catalyst Online

Everett has strong work ethic, produces well developed deliverables, and is an asset to any team. He has even taken on some training duties.

Monster.com- Annual Performance Review, 2012

Expert Blogger Interview

I shared some awesome blogging tips in an interview with the folks over at WPSMARTAPPS as part of their new expert blogger series The Blogger Insights.

Here are several points that I discussed in the interview:


Read The Full Interview

If you want to learn the secrets on how I generate traffic and money every month, go on and click the following link to read the entire interview.

WPSmartApps are the developers of the top WordPress Plugin called Immediate List Building Pro. This is a great tool for bloggers who want to connect more and build good relationship with their readers.

Professional Recommendation, John Liu - Director of Search, BLITZ

Everett is an excellent SEO with a strong technical understanding of the field, but more importantly understands that the goal of SEO is to not just drive vanity rankings but to drive marketing objectives – qualified traffic that converts and drives real results. He has a passion for online marketing that is rare to see, working to test and implement new knowledge in the field on his own projects as well as applying industry developments to drive client success. In my time working with Everett, I was always impressed by the professionalism and drive that has made him a true expert in the field

John Liu Director of Search, BLITZ

Professional Recommendation, Dr. Roseanna H. Means - Women of Means

Everett was part of a volunteer team that donated their expertise to upgrade the website of the nonprofit I run. Aside from the incredible kindness and generosity of spirit that such a gesture entails, his work was superb. He worked virtually an entire weekend with almost no breaks to meet deadline. He worked well within a team of people who came together as strangers.

He remained calm, focused, and thoughtful in his approach, and took on every task with good humor and careful consideration. Although our organization is not in a position to hire him, I can recommend his work ethic and quality of work to anyone who might be interested in knowing him. He is a strong asset to any team.

Roseanna H. Means, MD President/CEO, Women of Means, Inc./Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, 2010

Professional Recommendation, Laura Ragno - Operations and Business Development Manager, Overdrive Interactive,

Everett has a very clear understanding of how to optimize clients’ sites for the web. He is able to make recommendations that are clear enough to understand for someone who may not be an expert in the space. The deliverables he produces are always of the highest quality with a deep level of analytical thinking. He takes the time to stay on top of industry best practices and shares this knowledge with his team, which makes him a very valuable team player.

Laura Ragno - Operations and Business Development Manager, Overdrive Interactive, 2009

Professional Recommendation, Shane Kelly - Account Supervisor, Overdrive Interactive

Everett is an incredibly hard-working professional in the online marketing space with a deep understanding of search engine optimization strategies in a variety of capacities. I worked closely with Everett for the past three years on client projects in both the B2B and B2C spaces. Not only can Everett devise a SEO strategy that dovetails with marketing and content production efforts, but Everett can communicate the strategies, rationales, and implementation requirements to less technically inclined team members from a variety of positions and disciplines.

Everett is constantly researching new tactics and developments in the SEO space while testing, documenting, and optimizing sites for his clients.

Everett developed several highly successful non-traditional SEO implementations and drove results for clients in highly competitive search categories. Everett is a critical team member for several projects I have worked on- always thinking about the importance of search and the impact of new programs on the search landscape. Bottom line- if I needed insight or assistance on an SEO project, or any online marketing endeavor, Everett would be one of the first people I would turn to for his in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Shane Kelly - Account Supervisor, Overdrive Interactive, 2009

2008 New England Digital Marketing Association (NEDMA) B2B SEO Silver Medal Winner


2008 Annual Performance Review, Overdrive Interactive

Everett has an understanding of technical concepts of current web technologies that makes him an asset to the overall team. Everett actively “raises the bar” of the Overdrive SEO service offering. He authored numerous best practices, which all have the undertone of improving conversion. Everett has been a go-to person for Overdrive best practice. He has developed his own tool set which has overall helped the team in greater efficiency and compliance.

Annual Performance Review - Overdrive Interactive, 2008